Ceramox92 Alumina Ceramic “Pulley Line” Tiles

6mm and 10mm Ceramox92 alumina pulley lagging tiles – size 20m x 20mm are bonded directly onto the steel surface of the head or drive pulley with specially formulated high strength epoxy resin adhesive.

Advantages of using “Pulley Line” System

Ceramox92 Pulley Line Tiles

  • Extremely wear resistant, extending the life of your head pulley, reducing costly downtime
  • "Pulley Line" tiles are studded  for grip reducing belt slippage

Corrosion Free System
  • The Pulley Line tile will not corrode and is inert to most chemicals and acids
  • The epoxy resin bonding system seals & protects the outer steel casing of the head pulley
Pulley Line tiles can be applied to almost any size pulley, from 200mm in diameter upwards. Plain, smooth Ceramox92 alumina pulley lagging is available for lining of non-drive pulleys. Also available are a range of hi-wear epoxy resin liner systems for conveyor pulleys. All pulleys are prepared and lined in our workshops.


Ceramic Rubber and Ceramic Polyurethane composite liners

The alumina ceramic provides exceptional resistance to wear and impact, while the elastic property of the rubber/urethane effectively dampens the impact forces which can crack the ceramics. These composites also helps to substantially reduce vibration, sound, and the impact shock generated from falling rocks.

Wear Resistant composite ceramic panels are made from a combination of wear resistant alumina ceramics (cylinders, hexagon, flat tiles or blocks) hot vulcanized into a rubber base or onto a steel backing with studs.

As an excellent impact and wear resistant material, the Rubber ceramic liners are suitable for feeders, chutes, bins, transfer points, in conveyor systems, screen feed plates, mill discharge chutes, bunker etc. The major applicable industries are Coal fired power plants, cement plants, blast furnace plants and a host of other industries which requires high impact abrasion resistant surfaces.

Major benefits of Alumina Ceramic Liner Vulcanized into Rubber Backing (alumina ceramic rubber wear plate):

  • Easy installation via welding bolt
  • Excellent protection against sliding/impact abrasions
  • Excellent sound insulation

Properties of Vulcanised Ceramics
  • 92% or 95%
Density (ceramic)
92%: 3.62g/cm3 95%:3.65g/cm3
Rockwell A hardness (ceramic)
> 80 HRA
Impact Strength (ceramic)
> 850 Mpa
Tensile Strength (Rubber)
> 12 Mpa
Tsile elongation (Rubber)
> 250%
Shore Hardness (Rubber)
> 55-65
Tear Strength (%)
>3.0 Mpa
Temperature range
< 100
Aging time of rubber
> 15 years

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