Pre-Engineered Tiles

Pre-Engineered Ceramox92 Alumina and GLZ-Tuff Tiles

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Analysing a wear problem is a complex process. Groupline understand wear problems and are able to specify solutions to suit your unique applications. We are able to offer pre-engineered tiles in Ceramox92 Alumina ceramic tiles as well as in GLZ-Tuff, our specialised Zirconia enhanced Alumina range.

Our industrial workhorse, and frequently specified wear material is our Ceramox92 Alumina ceramic tile. It is a fine-grain, high-grade Alumina made from exceptionally uniformly controlled alpha aluminium oxide. We have engineered it to be one of the best wear materials available for fine particle abrasion. However for very extreme environments, we recommend GLZ-Tuff which has been shown to last many time longer than standard 92% Alumina tiles.

 Zirconia Enhanced Ceramics Tiles
 Zirconia Enhanced Ceramics Tiles


GLZ-TUFF is a unique range of Zirconia enhanced Alumina ceramic products. These products are produced through a proprietary process allowing for excellent affordability, while offering advanced wear protection. GLZ-TUFF has high mechanical strength, excellent abrasion resistance and superior fracture toughness.

Traditionally, Zirconia enhanced wear resistant products were only used in a limited number of high wear applications like pump components, valve seals and bushes due to the high cost. Groupline is now able to offer GLZ-TUFF at an affordable price making the use of these advanced Zirconia enhanced products feasible for use in larger installations such as pipes, chutes and mill linings.

Our GLZ-TUFF tiles are recommended for extreme abrasive environments lasting many times longer than standard 92% Alumina tiles.

We are able to offer pre-engineered tiles for applications such as:

  • Classifier Cones
  • Cyclone Separators
  • Elbows
  • Pipe Lining
  • Lobster Bends
  • Plus Many More Unique Applications

Pre-engineered tiles reduce installation times while avoiding unnecessary cutting of tiles and offcut wastage. Installations using pre-engineered tiles always give a neat and professional finish to any job. Our in-house specialists can work with you to determine the appropriate attachment method for your operating environment.

Please feel free to contact us for a quote or to discuss your unique application requirements.